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My Love-Life And Other Catastrophes

Sour Sweets

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"Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you it doesn't love you any more." - Lady Gaga

I'm Bethan.

I'm Welsh, I'm a seriously girly geek, I'm a feminist, I'm damn lazy when I get the chance, and I rarely stop talking.

Who're YOU?

I moderate at old_school_ties, where I play Celia (st_celia), Dr Martha Jones (took_a_year_out), Ianto Jones (coffi_brenin), Tara (st_tara), Kurt Wagner (fuzzy_flirt), Nymphadora Tonks (onlyevertonks), Zoë Washburne (big_damnheroine), Sam Linnfer (defies_time), Prince Herbert (wants_to_sing) and Neville Longbottom (not_that_hero).

I'm the mun of:
necessary_child, ggollymissmolly, wally_not_waldo, e_dahling, thefirstsecond, gryffindortabby, west_ham_artist, fabulous_pirate, of_goldenlake, nearly_next and took_a_year_out at milliways_bar.

And of:
pretty_fire, healallbutme and gothic_heroine at sages_of_chaos.

My Mixed Muses account is facetsofbethan.

I used to play:
sweetcakelibby, momofabohemian and apostrophewitch.

Other accounts sadly without a home for the moment include: brokensteeldoll, not_ranty, whats_occurrin, called_george, brat_of_jesslaw, meatheaded, fled_heaven, has_photoshop, so_lifelike, has_blanket, doesntfandance, stillnotbutler, shot_one_dog, stilltalkstoher, desperate_d_i and with_an_haitch.

No pity, no shame, no silence.

Milliways is crack love.

Milliways Bar
Large image made for me by the darling lienne. Border images (going clockwise from top left corner) by the lovely charss, lienne again, mizzybox, me, me again, lienne again, me and the wickedawesome alas_a_llama.

interests removed, since thanks to lj, the profiles are fucked-up!


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